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Faulkner Lake Orchard Wedding and Event Center was the dream of Herb Martin and in 2000. His dream became a reality.  Purchasing an old horse farm, he began tearing down the miles of fences and horse barns that lined the drive, keeping only the “big ole’ barn”, or Event Center as we refer to it now.

Herb was determined to grow the finest fruits and vegetables but knew that it started with the best soil possible, so much of the soil was tested and the farm and the orchard were mapped out for future planting.  In the Spring of 2001, the first peach trees arrived and were planted at the entrance to the orchard.

Throughout the years, Herb continued to expand his knowledge of farming and conservation practices while expanding the farm and orchard.

As awareness of the farm grew, people came, so Herb persuaded a lifelong friend and business partner, Don Ford to join him on the farm.  Together they became the faces that represented Faulkner Lake Orchard.

Although Herb passed away in March of 2015, his legacy lives on at Faulkner Lake Orchard.  Our commitment to continuing to use sustainable farming practices is what has made us the premier Orchard in Central Arkansas.