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~ In Memorial ~

Herbert T. Martin, JR

Herb believed “If you know your Doctor and you know your Dentist, now you know your Farmer”.

September 14, 1952 – March 28, 2015

Herb in his element.
Herb Martin was a natural Farmer.

Herbert T. Martin, JR, was my husband, my partner in life and my best friend.

“Herbie” as he was fondly called, by his siblings and childhood friends was very methodical, even as a child. As a young boy, he would make armies from broken twigs, strategizing battles.

In adulthood, Herb carried that attitude forward into everything he did, from business to his farming ventures. He would calculate and weigh every option before reacting.

Herb the businessman was courageous and never backed down. When faced with adversity, Herb analyzed the situation, looking down the road he could he could usually predict the outcome. He was goal oriented, approaching each day with a plan. As his brother said, “He never wasted a day, either at work or play, living life to the fullest.”

That’s why Herb’s motto, “Forward in all directions.” was very befitting of him. A “self-made man”, Herb took time to teach and mentor all those willing to learn. He offered sound guidance and invested in people in many ways. Having the ability to read people helped him tremendously in life. He always seemed to know how to get the best people had to offer of themselves.

Being a voracious reader, Herb setting his mind on a task would read everything on the subject, replicating the results. These results can be seen throughout Faulkner Lake Orchard, the farm he created from a run-down horse farm.

Although Herb is no longer with me physically, his energy is a love of life, his passion for the land and love for me lives on in my memory. Because of the love we shared here at Faulkner Like Orchard, love still blooms and grows thanks to Herb Martin.

Karen Martin
April 2016