Faulkner Lake Orchard (501) 961-9988

Greeting From the Owner

Karen Martin

Being a Grower in today’s world requires many skills to successfully deliver the freshest and most nutritious produce to you.  We must realize that the decisions and actions we take today can have a long-term impact on the land and those that may farm after us.

We will protect and preserve the land by limiting our use of pesticides by using crop rotations and alternate methods whenever possible.  This farm is our gift from God.  What we do with it and through it, is our gift back to Him.

God bless you and please come visit us soon!

Karen Martin

Who We Are

Faulkner Lake Orchard Wedding and Event Center was the vision of Herb Martin and is a working family-owned and operated farm nestled in the middle of thirty beautiful acres, just fifteen minutes from Downtown Little Rock.

When in season, we offer our customers the experience of picking their own ripe strawberries and sun-kissed peaches. You can also shop our Farm Market for honey, jams, and jellies that are made right here in our own kitchen. A large variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables are grown right here on the farm, picked daily and are available for you to purchase.

Don’t forget to bring your camera because the beauty of the farm is evident. We invite you to enjoy our farm and drink in the spring breeze or perhaps stroll around the peach orchard taking in the fresh scent of the peaches as they begin to ripen in June, July, and August. Here at Faulkner Lake Orchard, we take on a whole new look with each glorious season.

Our farm market gates are open around the 15th of April and run through August. We hope to see you here this year too as we begin our new season.

Our Mission Statement

Faulkner Lake Orchard Wedding and Event Center is dedicated to providing access to the freshest produce, at affordable prices, while teaching and promoting a sustainable food system.

Our History

Faulkner Lake Orchard Wedding and Event Center was the dream of Herb Martin and in 2000. His dream became a reality.  Purchasing an old horse farm, he began tearing down the miles of fences and horse barns that lined the drive, keeping only the “big ole’ barn”, or Event Center as we refer to it now.

Herb was determined to grow the finest fruits and vegetables but knew that it started with the best soil possible, so much of the soil was tested and the farm and the orchard were mapped out for future planting.  In the Spring of 2001, the first peach trees arrived and were planted at the entrance to the orchard.

Throughout the years, Herb continued to expand his knowledge of farming and conservation practices while expanding the farm and orchard.

As awareness of the farm grew, people came, so Herb persuaded a lifelong friend and business partner, Don Ford to join him on the farm.  Together they became the faces that represented Faulkner Lake Orchard.

Although Herb passed away in March of 2015, his legacy lives on at Faulkner Lake Orchard.  Our commitment to continuing to use sustainable farming practices is what has made us the premier Orchard in Central Arkansas.